Sunday, November 8, 2009

Artisan Profile - Liz Howell of Celestial Living Arts

How/when did you become an artisan?
I became an artisan when I became inspired to take my research and practice of astrology with food, herbs and bio-dynamic gardening a few steps further and actually create ways that people could experience greater balance and well-being through the organic botanical culinary and bath tea herbal products. I created the SolaLUNA line which embraces the balance of both the Solar (masculine) and Lunar (feminine) energies in all of us.

What do you enjoy most about artisan markets and craft fairs?
I enjoy people's initial curiosity about the concepts behind the Celestial Living Arts products and then watching the "ah-ha!" once they make the connection with their own astrological disposition.

What inspires you and your work?
The ancient wisdom practices of astrology and how this field of study and practice so comprehensively takes in the view of the whole cosmos, revealing an extraordinarily beautiful and synergistic dance.

What do you do when you are not crafting?
I like to stay very interactive with the botanical world so I garden, cook and continue to experiment with all sorts of culinary and herbal wonders. Additionally, I do astrological consultations, workshops and educational programs.

Describe a perfect day in Portland?
For me, each season has a typical "perfect" day and I like to embrace whatever it is that a particular season has to offer in Portland-whether it be warm sunshine and big, blue skies or rain, fog and a chill in the air. But visits to my neighborhood garden, the farmer's markets and the Portland Japanese Garden are high on my list for each of the seasons.

I consider all the places I have lived a form of hometown...these include Upstate New York, New England, Baltimore, Washington DC, Virginia, Austria, New York City, Honolulu and now Portland.

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